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About the Dempsey Team

Helping busy, South-Bay professionals sell their home for the highest price.

Are you a busy business professional in the South Bay who's ready to make a move?

Is your family growing out of your current home by the beach?

Would you like to be in complete and total control with no ceiling on the sales price?

Are you looking for a great agent who will communicate and advise you based on actual data and buyer feedback?

Do you want an agent who listens to you and has your back 100% of the time?

My name is Gary Dempsey and I'm a real estate broker here in the South Bay. I've been on all sides of real estate for over 20 years. My secret weapon is my team at Harcourts Auctions.

I will always tell you the truth, not just what I think you want to hear.

Harcourts has been around for over 120 years and is the 6th largest real estate company in the world.

Harcourts Auctions provide home sellers with an innovative auction platform which provides a more transparent sale, which both sellers and buyers love.

A process you can trust with complete confidence. Harcourts Auctions has generated more than 4 billion is total property value for our clients. Our live auction platform events generate healthy levels of competition to achieve outstanding results.

We have over 90% strike rate. This means that we sell a property 91.6% of the time. Traditional home sales only have a 30% - 50% success rate.

We also revitalize expired listings. Our auction platform brings life back into a home that was previously on the market. Our 91.6% success rate includes homes previously expired on the MLS.

Harcourts Auctions are simply the best way to find out the highest amount the market is willing to pay, in the shortest amount of time.

Are you ready to get the price you want, in the time you want, with the terms you want?

If not now, when?

Drop us a message or call us directly at 310-383-0740


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